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introduction to the women;s history cxhibition hall

The Women's History Exhibition Hall is a cultural space and exhibition area that covers the history of women, the first of its kind in Korea. It was inaugurated on December 9, 2002. Continuously exploring and unfolding information and items related to the history of Korean women, and situating the material in a balanced historical context, the Exhibition Hall aims to give women their rightful place in Korean history. In addition, the Women's History Exhibition Hall intends to enhance women's sense of pride and expand gender equality through its various activities, including public education programs and special exhibitions. "The Great Heritage: Grandmother Wakes Up Our Daughters" is a permanent exhibition on hundred years of Korean women's history from the modern Enlightenment to the society of today. Divided into five sections, and incorporating new exhibition techniques, this exhibition displays the changes and developments that have taken place among Korean women. The Women's History Exhibition Hall also holds special exhibitions, and runs comprehensive cultural and educational programs, open for all. An archive for its collection is also under development, that will preserve and research the various achievements of women. The Exhibition Hall is steadfast in its efforts to form a basis as a central place for education, communication and culture.